Freedom Fighter

How God Wins the Universal War on Terror

with Kelley Lorencin
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Published: August 1st, 2009
Format: Trade Paperback, 168 pages
ISBN: 9780578020334
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About This Book

Did you grow up going to church, hearing about a God who would burn you in hell forever if you didn't serve Him? Did you grow up thinking of God as someone who would torture you for eternity if you didn't love Him? How could we call such a God "loving"? If God were like this, how would He be different from Stalin, Hitler, or Pol Pot?

If this view of God has caused you to think twice about your faith (or maybe even driven you away from Him), let me assure you that there is good news! God is not the kind of person He has so often been portrayed to be. When the apostle John wrote that "God is love," he wasn't expecting us to somehow change our definition of love into something that could include the threat of eternal torture. Instead, he had something totally radical in mind: God is love, and that means He gives you the freedom to choose for or against Him without fear of retaliation. That's right. God is not going to destroy anybody who chooses not to love Him. That's not what love does.

Instead, Jesus revealed that love is forgiving, self-sacrificial, and fiercely loyal. Far from being like Stalin, Hitler, or Pol Pot, God has shown Himself to be the kind of person who will endure great personal pain and suffering at the hands of His own creatures. Freedom Fighter will unfold before you the stunning attributes of God's character of love, revealing a God who is better than you could ever have imagined.

In the pages of this book, you will meet, perhaps for the very first time, the Great Universal Lover whose never-ending love travels far beyond your wildest expectations.

Table of Contents

Part One: The War

1. The Universal War on Terror: Crisis in God's Creation
2. Star Wars: The Beginning of the War
3. Battlefield Earth: The War Continues

Part Two: The Solution

4. If You've Seen One, You've Seen 'Em All: God's Oneness
5. Life Preserver: God's Immortality
6. Reality Show: God's Honesty
7. Higher Power: God's Omnipotence
8. Heads or Tails: God's Humility
9. O Holy Knight: God's Holiness
10. The Deity is in the Details: God's Orderliness
11. What's Love Got to Do With It: God's Love
12. Man's Best Friend: God's Friendship
13. Giving It All He's Got: God's Giving
14. Show Business: God's Truth-in-Advertising
15. God Must Be Odd, 'Cuz He Never Gets Even: God's Forgiveness
16. Look Who's Stalking: God's Initiation
17. Heaven Can Wait: God's Patience
18. On Guard: God's Protectiveness
19. Frequently Asked Questions: God's Self-Assurance
20. Unconditional Surrender: God's Wrath
21. Keeping Our Options Open: God's Commitment to Freedom
22. Happily Ever After: The End of the War

Appendix: A Picture of Sin

About the Author

Ken WilsonKen Wilson's personal passion was to lead people to a deeper understanding of God's beautiful character. A high school Bible teacher for 37 years, Ken sought to share with his students the wonderful picture of God he had discovered in the Bible. He encouraged them to not be satisfied with a rote approach to learning, but rather to reason and ask questions.

He took the same approach with the adult Bible study groups he led. For 25 years, these groups went again and again through each book of the Bible, always asking one primary question: What is this telling us about God? He believed taking the Bible as a whole would more accurately reveal the God within.

Ken wrote Freedom Fighter during the final year of his life, after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. Though he had never considered himself an author, he wanted to introduce his friend—the God he had come to know—to a larger audience. He spent the last months he was able to talk dictating the themes of this book to his wife Joyce.

Freedom Fighter: How God Wins the Universal War on Terror
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