The Truth Will Set You Free

Elathia is an Anglicized version of aletheia, a Greek word meaning "truth." We believe that freedom—true freedom—comes from knowing the truth about God, about suffering, about life and death. And the truth is that you can have freedom from fear and grief, and you can find freedom in any kind of suffering. Freedom Fighter: How God Wins the Universal War on TerrorIt may sound strange to say that there is good news about suffering, but it's true, and we want to share it with you!

Elathia Press was established for one purpose: to publish a dying man's book about God. Following his death, however, Elathia Press has continued publishing books, expanding the message about the freedom we can have right now in this wonderful God to other areas of life. From Great Disappointment to Great ExpectationsAuthor Ken Wilson's wife, Joyce, continues this mission through her book and through speaking engagements.

We are excited to share the message of God's freedom with you! Please take time to peruse our book offerings or contact us to book a speaking appointment with Joyce. Your community will be touched and transformed by this message of hope!